Monday 28 January 2013

Retro gaming clean up!

We just love anything retrogaming at - the games come first but anything related too - TV shows, films, cartoons, toys, books and magazines and you can't beat a bit of lovely merchandise too.

One area we haven't see done in a big way perhaps since smelly erasers of the 80s - is retro gaming cleaning products.  Well the future is now and have these on sale (you can buy them elsewhere too!) and the first line are now available:

Go to this page to take a look

We can't wait till the really old skool console and micro computer versions are available - but imagine trying to clean you back with an Atari controller!!

What other classic could actually be part of your cleaning routine. Any ideas tweet at

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Friday 25 January 2013

What's your game age??

Sometimes it's good to think back....

... when you're mixed up with the day to day living.. either you're perhaps at University finishing off a piece of work, driving to work and thinking about everything you've got on...or even retired and shopping for the meal you want to cook later.


 - have a theory - not scientific by any stretch and would like to hear views and opinions on this - but our view is that we all have a 'game age'.... It's kinda similar to when people say what's your brain age...but more about when we truly feel in love with gaming back in the day...

I like to think my game age is about 13 - yes I'd played games through the 70s at 13 in the early 80s it was when I really honed the skills, got into gaming (video and sport and traditional board games back then) in a big way.  We think that it's good to know your game age too - perhaps we'll come up with a quiz that tests it (like those online quiz's you get) but I think you know it yourself really.

Also when you've established your game age... we think its great fun to think about that particular year and what you were doing at the time....the TV shows, Movies, Toys, Sweets, Friends you had and were you went on holiday that year - UK or Abroad (as they used to say!).  

But more than anything with all this thinking back to then..what were you playing??

If you are about 30-40 on upwards it probably involved not only consoles, computers and handhelds but also the arcades...and that's a memory worth savouring....!

Do it NOW if you like...
.....what was your 'perfect' game age?

If you remember it or even want some help getting 'back there' - tweet it to us or go to our Facebook page...we'd love to hear about it :)

Tuesday 22 January 2013

This is gamesyouloved calling - we need YOU!!

8 classic Monopoly board game pieces.

They all go down in history.....but the Iron, wheelbarrow, dog, cannon, car, top hat, shoe, battleship, or thimble are literally about to made extinct?!

If you don't know already Monopoly are due to replace all the traditional pieces with naff modern ones such as diamond ring and helicopter (yawn)..! want to keep the dream alive and make the might big Hasbro retain this for games-sake!

Vote on their Facebook page for your favourite NOW - ends 



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One of the six current game tokens is going away, supposedly eliminated from the game forever, with a replacement token to be announced on February 6.

Thursday 3 January 2013

Games Events for 2013

Our site - is launching early 2013 - but what about other Gaming Events in the UK are there to look forward to? 

Here are some of the highlights:

Toy Fair 2013 - Olympia, London
22nd - 24th January

24,000 square meters of space devoted to the toy, game and hobby business and is the only dedicated toy trade event in the UK.

Spring Fair 2013 - NEC Birmingham

Not strictly a GAME ONLY show but many game distributors and sellers in attendance - click the link above for these.

Geek 2013 - Winter Gardens, Margate
21st - 24th February
Two halls, hundreds of consoles, over 1000 games
Talks and a chance to meet developers.

ukgamesexpo - Hilton Metropole, Birmingham
24th - 26th May
Miniature Games, Card Games,Boardgames and
Role-playing Games. Guests such as Games Workshop founders Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston, as well as Star Wars’ R2-D2 actor Kenny Baker.

London Games Festival - Best Western Hotel (TBC), London
3rd August - 4th August (TBC)
London Games Festival presents gaming and interactive entertainment for die-hard fans keen to test out the latest releases before they hit the shops and casual players.

EGL (European Gaming League) - Venue TBC - London
4th - 5th August
Competitive gaming events and tournaments throughout Europe, primarily in the UK.

Eurogamer Expo - Earls Court, London
26th - 29th September
Tournaments, competitions, indie games, a retro zone, the Games Industry Fair

Play Expo (formerly Replay) - Event City, Manchester
13th - 14th October

The show is the only UK video games expo which caters for every aspect of video games – from console, PC and mobile to classic gaming including arcade and pinball right through to pro gaming/eSports and even cosplay.