Wednesday 19 December 2012

Pac-Man...the biggest game in history?

The history of how Pac-Man. was invented is pretty well known – even outside the gaming world – the pizza was ordered the slice taken out and the rest is gaming history.

An ICON, an art form, a media man’s dream – Pacman beyond the games themselves has taken on many guises.

Everything and anything was Pac-Man. from it’s conception in 1980 to the World we live into today.

Seriously though if you want to start a ‘collection’ this could probably get you pretty crazy close to even ‘star wars’ - they have produced EVERTHING with the little yellow fellow on (and the ghosts!) from napkins, stationery, outfits and dog jackets to  hats, drinks, cereals and furniture.

Here's a few shots of our very own Pac-Man arcade machine...the 25th Anniversary EDITION with Ms Pac-Man and Galaga.

Saturday 8 December 2012


We are retro fans at heart but there's some guys out there who's collections really take a beating!!!

Here's some of the best out there - but there's many new and bigger ones coming along :)

Arcade Collection - Gambenoful
Video Game Collection Room Tour - Pete Dorr

Game collection – US – all retro! - Gamester 81

Game collection – US – mainly retro!

Game collection – US  - MetalJesusRocks

Mark's Classic arcade and pinball basement gameroom tour

Greg's Ultimate Game Room Arcade

And this...not quite retro but worth a look!

Million Dollar Rooms: Parker, CO (Recreation Room)

Friday 23 November 2012 live on Facebook

After developing our host of ideas for a 2013 website launch, we wanted to start engaging with viewers on Facebook.  

Now is the time we said....

...Let's get that Facebook page going...! So up we went on

On 23rd November 2013 - we kicked of our first post with a post on the classic twister....which was:

Bygone days - and they're still making this - a xmas classic!

We can't wait to get talking and chatting to all the gamers out there...there's so many years of gaming and type of games to talk games, board games, traditional games, arcade games, handheld games, outdoor games, board games, card games...the list us endless...

...and we love it!