Saturday 22 November 2014

A Playstation gift isn't just for Christmas...its for life!

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When we got alerted to the fact we could be getting some Playstation goodies we were pretty excited.  

With the 20th Anniversary of the Playstation coming up on 3rd December 2014 this was seriously good timing.

There is a lot of gaming merchandise out there - lets face it. 
But official merchandise like we were promised by had some seriously cool packaging to it as we opened the parcel we were excited up to see what was inside.

What we got.
Here on this review we're looking at the Sony Playstation Wallet range. 

The range of gamerwear, gifts merchandise and also Sony Official goodies now develop goes alot further and wider than the wallets. 

So we'll be bringing alot more from Some goodies already available, plus new gaming merchandise concepts not even released over the coming months and weeks. specialises in creative, exciting concepts that it develops into products released to gamer fans the world over.

Gamers keep a look out for GYL news on this - which we'll be putting out via our social spaces on Facebook and Twitter, as well as this ongoing BLOG via

Lets start with the packaging. All official - all in keeping with the branding and identity of Sony. Looks great on the shelf and pretty damn sexy if you were to give this to any gamer boy or girl as a gift for Christmas, or just any time you wanted!

The outer packaging is tough, well built and does not scrimp in terms of colour reproduction and finishing.  The graphic design of the packaging is well balanced too - using the Sony Playstation blue hued background imagery. This is a gamer gift, but a gift you could happily feel like you are getting some real merchandise quality to it.  Let's face it there's some crap out there in our world - this is not that! The design is smart and well placed for any avid Playstation fan or someone just looking for a quality wallet with a personality.

The Wallets.
Three wallet styles were received. All in Sony Playstation design.
First off - the classic grey style mimics that of the Playstation controller. The iconic X O  ◼ are used on one side of the wallet in full colour and so close to the original controller graphics. Sat next to a controller they fit together so well. On the reverse side of this 'Controller' wallet is the D pad - again completely in line with the original Playstation design. If you're a big fan of the controller product design this is a great version to have.

The other 2 designs come in the same styling but with a colour variation. Based on the actual classic Playstation console design they mimic the front and back of the console. 

The variation is with the black, which is pretty slick on the inside and outside. The Playstation logo adorns the inside with no other branding. Which is something we really like. Its not overkill and as an older gamer who likes gamer-gear, you'd be proud to own one of these rather than it looking too kid-like.

In the more conventional yet desirable original grey - sat right next to your original Playstation this looks like it's little brother - but in wallet style!  The front of the wallet is a like for like replication of the original console top - official Sony this is! Flip the wallet over - just like the console and you have the vents and detailing. The material used is pretty tough and will take a beating out there which you need. Stitching and print reproduction is great too - we'll be putting this through its paces more but on original test - bending it and rubbing the material, it's holding up nicely.

We can't wait to get out and use these more now when we're out and about. Shopping, down the pub or buying retro games at events or stores we come across. This will be a cool addition to have.

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