Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sega Ultimate Console - Handheld pocket rocket!

Handheld gaming has long been immensely popular – ranging from the classic original game boy, to the super-fun Neo Geo pocket, or the kooky Nokia N-Gage – but in recent years, sales have fallen for handheld devices, leaving developers to ponder where it all went wrong. With the recent release of the PS Vita and 3DS, many have suggested that we have over-complicated gaming.

Do we really need touch screens, accelerometers and dual analogue sticks? 

Do these flashy features really add to the gaming experience? 

Welcome to the stage the opponent other handhelds, the Sega Ultimate – a simple, cheap handheld that plays a number of your old favourites. An interesting idea, but does it live it up to expectations? Read on...

This little baby is a Sega Megadrive packed into a very portable handheld shell, which is as stylish as it is robust. Packing a 2.8” screen that is bright and sharp, this handheld has you covered for every outbound excursion – but can also be hooked up to your TV at home for a more old-school feel.

The controls are simple, as you would expect to find on a handheld, but they are well made and offer good tactile feedback, so you can stay in control even in the midst of a Streets of Rage button mash frenzy. The speaker is surprisingly loud and clear, though I found myself using the headphone jack more often than not – especially on public transport.

Battery performance was excellent, giving you more than enough juice for your average day to day needs. A battery indicator lets you know how much you have left – a nice touch, and one I certainly wouldn’t have expected at this price point.

Another great addition is the SD Card slot on the back, which allows you to download more games if you’re not satisfied with the 20 that come pre-loaded (though the list has been selected with good taste, if you ask us).

Once turned on you are greeted with an easy to navigate 3-page menu. Two pages are full of Sega Classics, such as Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Sonic the Hedgehog, while the next page is for your SD Card games. If you own the original titles and have tried emulating Sega, or any other old-school games, on your phone before, you will know that is a frustrating experience at best.

Equally, while the original is awesome for us RETRO gamers - Sega Ultimate console is a very good way to enjoy the games you loved from your childhood or share with your kids and friends, as something you can really afford to buy.

If you want to take the Sega experience out of the living room, or if you simply want to enjoy these classic games again without breaking the bank, The Sega Ultimate is right for you. This handheld packs a serious punch, and hasn’t been relieved from duty for even a minute here at GamesYouLoved.

Without a doubt, handheld manufacturers could learn a lot from the Sega Ultimate, which gets the important things right – great games, great portability, at a great price. 8.5/10

You can get the SEGA Ultimate from Funstock's website. GamesYouLoved viewers get 10% off the price by using the code: GYL10

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