Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dead Pixels - NEW Birmingham Gaming night - Weds 29th May


Retro gaming has become very popular in recent years. An exponential growth in technology has ensured that old consoles have achieved antique status and many of the old games are seen as classics. Games today are focused primarily on special effects, leaving game play in second place. In the past, games could not produce such stark effects, so they relied on game play to ensure that the player could get optimum time out of their purchase. Games like Street Fighter 2 and Mario Kart became instant hits thanks to the addictive game play they had to offer.

Sadly a lot of people disposed of their old consoles and games to upgrade to a more modern gaming system, however there is still a market for the classics. Dead Pixels is a night that will offer vintage video games and classic retro gaming. Play all your favourite games from childhood, fight with your mates like you are a young teenager again, just remember that the winner stays on!

The event will be held at Suki10c in Digbeth and will promise to be a dedicated retro gaming night not to be missed.

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