Friday, 8 March 2013

Why do YOU love games?

Why do YOU love games?

One thing we love at GamesYouLoved is the gameplay of course. But it's about the people who really care about the games like us too...  

We really enjoy talking about every aspect of gaming with our friends in the UK and overseas because it's fun, a passion, and something that no-one can take away from us.  It's part of who we are.

Why 'games' some might ask? We will have to ask our audience perhaps - it's a good starting point! 

For us (if you would like to know!) it's for many many different reasons. Of course GamesYouLoved isn't just about us - it's about everyone - but our energy and drive is:

- all about playing, having fun, being competitive...the reasons of why we love the gaming/playing side goes on and on!

- we like most things you like from any genre - video, arcade, handheld, board games, traditional - open to everything and like finding about new stuff we don't know about too!

- gaming mixes up all kinds of creative outputs; TV, Movies, Cartoons, Comics, Music, Art - just about anything

- the memories - seeing a game that you have forgotten about is a very good feeling - it takes you back and makes you smile, laugh and just enjoy what were great times...then...and now!

And its something we can share and talk about...which is very cool. For the last 3 or 4 months that's what we've been doing on Twitter (as little) and Facebook (a little more). With our website coming very soon now, we want to try and make this a really exciting journey for us and everyone who joins us.

We hope you enjoy it too...and thanks 

The GamesYouLoved Team

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