Saturday, 23 March 2013

Chas & Dave in the new skool 21st Century!!

Chas & Dave are BACK!!

Wednesday 20th March 2013

Never mind horsemeat – the only thing on people’s minds the other night was Rabbit, as the mighty Chas and Dave performed what can only be described as a truly triumphant gig at the Wycombe Swan Theatre. 

These guys were absolute musical legends in the 80s, with their incredible blend of ‘cockney rock’ (or ‘Rockney’ as Chas & Dave called it).

Yes, they might both now be old enough to qualify for a free bus pass, but they’ve still got it when it comes to putting on a show. In a one and a half hour set they played all the classics – Margate…London Girls… The Sideboard Song… and of course, the afore-mentioned song about a lady that talks a lot.

While many artists from the 1980s have come and gone in haze of big hair and dodgy make up, Chas and Dave prove that men with big beards and catchy, cockney tunes still have that special something to cheer us all up, even in this post-noughties, iPad-wielding era. GERTCHA!

Watch the BBC4 documentary ‘Chas and Dave: Last Orders’ on YouTube now.

GamesYouloved would like to thank, Dave Washer.  Our Guest Blogger for his RETRO gaming memories.

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