Saturday, 23 March 2013

OCEANS CLASSICS - The Magnificent Seven - Part 2

Today I would like to linger on two great adventure titles from this collection: music band spin-off Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the cult title Head Over Heels.

Even though I've never been a fan of the band, I would play this just for the brilliant and omnipresent SID adaptations of their hits.

This is a real time machine for me... The loading screen features "Relax" in all its SIDly goodness, then we are dropped in a colourful, bizarre and apparently deserted Liverpool, where we are looking for the Pleasuredome.
We can loiter around, freely breaking into some stranger's house, using their telephone, opening their washing machine, kidnapping their cat, and each of this actions may allow us to jump into an alternate reality where we get to control Ronald Reagan's head in a spitting contest against Gorbachev's head, or to defend Liverpool from a Nazi attack. This all brings us closer to the Pleasuredome and makes us a more "real person" for absolutely no reason.

That made no sense to the little kid I was at the time, but I just could not stop playing this game - and I still can't!

And now, let's leave Liverpool and head to Blacktooth as we fire up........

... Head Over Heels in our Datassette!

What can I say that has not been already said about this game? "Original" is not enough to define it: it is strange, surreal, psychedelic, completely out of this world.

We take control of two characters (already an original concept at the time), exploring room after room, dealing with Doctor Who-inspired robots, shooting doughnuts and solving puzzles.

No amount of words would be enough to define this game, so I would suggest to go back in time yourself by getting the free Windows remake 

GamesYouloved would like to thank, Fabio Naprossen.  Our Guest Blogger for his RETRO gaming memories.

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