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The Funstock Classic Gaming Championships - Replay Events

'Seeing retro gamers play collectively in one place - competitively'

When was the last time you can say that  happened in the public? It was actually more during the 80s & 90s themselves!

Well not now - thanks to Eurogamer events like REZZED and also EUROGAMER EXPO in September and also  Replay Events and sponsors Funstock - the Classic Gaming Championships give gamers the opportunity to be the No1 Retro Gamer in the land. To be the top of the of the list in the UK!

There are a whole host of heats held throughout the UK across many months - culminating with the Grand Final in Manchester at Play Expo in October.

We recently attended EGX Rezzed in Birmingham and alongside the awesome New Gen offer there from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony they had RETRO!!

We were delighted as GamesYouLoved was asked to be a Partner of the CGC events and will be fully supporting the activity over social media and our website up to the Grand Final in Manchester - Play Expo 2014. This mammoth event in October was already set to be an amazing event based on our last years experience.

Take a look here of some the 2013 highlights:

Not only that Showmasters being part of the Replay Events / Play Expo line up also promises some exciting exclusives too. This will increase the presence of video gaming publishers,  developers and peripheral manufacturers attending Showmasters events in the future. On the flip-side this means Hollywood movie star meet-and-greets,  photo opportunities with the celebrities, film props and movie cars will draw in even bigger crowds to the already successful event at Play Expo. Showmasters plan to bring film and TV related guests that cross over with the video gaming industry, making Play Expo 2014 and other Replay Events a fuller experience. Watch this space as they say!

For the CGC's at EGX REZZED at the Birmingham NEC we were witnessing the retro gaming action first hand and see the great job the organisers, Replay Events were putting on in a cool space dedicated to this at the event. Apart from the range of  retro gaming setups on the Replay Stand the CGC's offers people who love playing retro games a real focus at an event. 

Whether you are an expert gameplayer or just want to have a go for fun the atmosphere on the stand caters for you. You can take it seriously sure - but also with some of the games (list below) that you might not have even played before - its a case of trying it out. Then you can better yourself!

The array of titles in the CGC are worth pointing out - they have been compiled carefully by the Replay Team to test your very wit and dexterity with a controller. And many a different controller you'll have.  But it's all well and good picking up a unknown controller - what do you do with it?  Again the Replay lads are on had to help and young gamers benefited from this instruction and support as well as the older ones!

The next event up is Blackpool - - perhaps next time we'll have a go to - can't wait!

Also the BIG EVENTS to look out for are:

- Eurogamer - Sept 2014
- Play Expo Manchester - Oct 2014

For more information go to:

See our REZZED CGC Video overview:

The list of games on at the CGC's

Pot A - 1st to 3rd Generation (e.g. Atari VCS, NES, SEGA Master System), Kaboom (Atari 2600 VCS), Balloon Fight (Nintendo Entertainment System), Bank Panic (Sega Master System)

Pot B - 4th Generation (e.g. PC Engine, Neo Geo AES), R-Type II (PC Engine), NAM: 1975 (Neo Geo), Tetris (Gameboy - played via Gameboy Player on Gamecube)

Pot C - 5th Generation (e.g. Sega Saturn, Playstation, Nintendo 64), Super Puzzle Fighter 2 (Playstation), Sega Rally (Sega Saturn), Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar)

Pot D - Megadrive, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Paperboy, Psycho Pinball, Pot E - Super Nintendo, Super Mario Kart, Super Pang, Super Smash TV

Heats will include one game from each pot, selected at random and will not be announced until the first day of the heat.

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