Friday, 25 January 2013

What's your game age??

Sometimes it's good to think back....

... when you're mixed up with the day to day living.. either you're perhaps at University finishing off a piece of work, driving to work and thinking about everything you've got on...or even retired and shopping for the meal you want to cook later.


 - have a theory - not scientific by any stretch and would like to hear views and opinions on this - but our view is that we all have a 'game age'.... It's kinda similar to when people say what's your brain age...but more about when we truly feel in love with gaming back in the day...

I like to think my game age is about 13 - yes I'd played games through the 70s at 13 in the early 80s it was when I really honed the skills, got into gaming (video and sport and traditional board games back then) in a big way.  We think that it's good to know your game age too - perhaps we'll come up with a quiz that tests it (like those online quiz's you get) but I think you know it yourself really.

Also when you've established your game age... we think its great fun to think about that particular year and what you were doing at the time....the TV shows, Movies, Toys, Sweets, Friends you had and were you went on holiday that year - UK or Abroad (as they used to say!).  

But more than anything with all this thinking back to then..what were you playing??

If you are about 30-40 on upwards it probably involved not only consoles, computers and handhelds but also the arcades...and that's a memory worth savouring....!

Do it NOW if you like...
.....what was your 'perfect' game age?

If you remember it or even want some help getting 'back there' - tweet it to us or go to our Facebook page...we'd love to hear about it :)

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