Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This is gamesyouloved calling - we need YOU!!

8 classic Monopoly board game pieces.

They all go down in history.....but the Iron, wheelbarrow, dog, cannon, car, top hat, shoe, battleship, or thimble are literally about to made extinct?!

If you don't know already Monopoly are due to replace all the traditional pieces with naff modern ones such as diamond ring and helicopter (yawn)..!

Gamesyouloved.com want to keep the dream alive and make the might big Hasbro retain this for games-sake!

Vote on their Facebook page for your favourite NOW - ends 

GO TO: http://bit.ly/saveyourtoken


GO TO: http://www.facebook.com/gamesyouloved  for our viewers choices on our Facebook page!

One of the six current game tokens is going away, supposedly eliminated from the game forever, with a replacement token to be announced on February 6.

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