Sunday, 9 November 2014

How to set up SEGA CD / MEGA CD on the JXD

As part of the HOW TO Guides for JXD...GYL Fan and Friend Sean Tagg gave us a ten point plan to get the Sega CD/ Mega CD running 

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Here goes: and install MD.EMU, then select the App.

2.Select Options / System.

3.You will need to Download the Bios files for Europe, USA and Japan if you want to play game from all regions.
Select USA Bios and then locate the path to your saved USA Bios file. Seen below [bios_CD_U.bin]. Find all 3 file paths.

4.Download a SEGA CD / MEGA CD rom.  Google search!

5. Only games with the .iso & .wav files are compatible. Click on file listing to check.

6. All good!

7. Click on the file to download then unzip the file into a folder with your game name.
Copy the folder over to your JXD game folder.\

8. Open up the MD.EMU app and select Load Game. Find your games folder and select the game.

9.Select the game ( .Cue file)

10.The game will load


Sean (OutRun86 Blog)

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