Friday, 5 September 2014

Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium – A Review by GYL

For those growing up in the early 80s in the UK the Commodore 64 was a monster of a computer in so many ways. Sure we owned a ZX Speccy and even an Amstrad CPC 464 - but this was an American Dream machine. 

From the look of the computer to the amazing array of games and fun they gave us - this was the closest we could get to the arcade.

So when Sam Dyer – he of Commodore addict and Retro Asylum key member, announced his Commodore 64 Book Kickstarter - we were pretty excited to say the least.  

After result of a very Kickstarter successful campaign we had the final printed version in our hands and what a great feeling this was to see this come to life. Over the last few days we have poured over this respectful and entertaining tribute to the C64.  

From amazing graphics used in the artwork,  the games chosen of which there are many - to the mini-review write ups. This is a C64 fans dream.  

In terms of coffee table luxury books on the art and the subject - there isn’t anything like this out there of this quality and it's great to hear there is a next book on the Amiga too to follow up for another Kickstarter beginning on 13/10/14.

For more info on this Amiga book go to: 

Some of our favourite spreads in the book (as well as the GYL spread of IK+) entries are as follows: 

  Activision's Ghostbusters – which has the commentary of  the game written by its creator David Crane  

  Wizball – which is a crazy and fun game with cool graphics in the entry described by Jon Hare of Sensible Software  

Alongside the pixel art on many gaming spreads is original artwork by Oliver Frey provided by Games industry Legend, Roger Kean of Newsfield Publications and Zzap!64. This all adds to the quality and endorsement of industry games people who still really care about the Commodore 64 and its legacy.

Finally its worth mentioning the quality of print and finishing on this job. Sam is clearly  graphic designer who cares about the final detail of colour repro, the paper stock and quality binding of this job. It even uses spot UV varnish both on the cover and dust cover to great effect. 

This is something to love and be proud of.

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