Monday, 10 February 2014

A New Gen Gamer - Reviews an Old Skool 'New' Console

The GamesYouLoved Team is full of different kinds of gamers - different preferences and ages.  For this review of the Sega Sonic Nano by we gave it to one of the younger members of the team. All of 21 years old - Alex Reviews...

Let’s face it…gaming has gone mainstream. In the last 5 years or so the popularity of new-gen consoles has grown exponentially, with millions of people now owning an Xbox, a Playstation, or some form of games console.

So in today’s era of modern gaming where bigger, faster and sharper always means better, you could be forgiven for struggling to understand why someone would opt to play a smaller, simpler, retro games console like the Sega Mega Drive Arcade Nano.
As a new-gen gamer myself, I too had a certain degree of uncertainty about what I might be about to play.

But oh how wrong I was.

This little beauty is amazing, plug it into the TV and you’re away in less than 10 seconds. Considering many modern games have loading times long enough to grow a beard in, this is brilliant, and a definite positive if you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’ gaming session.
And if you’re a fan of variety, you’ll be pleased to know that straight out of the box there’s almost as many games on this as there are in your local GAME store.

Sure, the graphics aren’t quite up to the same level as the (massively overpriced) Xbox ONE, but in the age of ultra-fast processors and almost perfect graphics, we seem to have become ‘graphics sluts’, losing any loyalty and prostituting ourselves just to find a game with better graphics, and completely forgetting our roots.

Games don’t need to be perfect to be enjoyable.

The Arcade Nano is the perfect example of this. It’s quick, simple and massively fun to play…and what other games console will clip onto your key ring! It makes a so-called ‘sexy and slim’ Xbox ONE look like a fat geezer that single-handedly keeps his local McDonalds afloat.

I wasn’t around in the age of the original Sega Mega Drive and this retro style of gaming, I was still years away from being born in fact, but I am so glad I can still enjoy those great games today in such an easy, hassle free way.

There’s only one thing wrong with the Arcade Nano…it needs a warning message on the box: WARNING, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE

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