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A gaming Christmas - Part two of two - 1990s and beyond

A Gaming Christmas - continued - By David Campbell

Christmas 1991
I was on the sofa, opening my pile of gifts, scrutinising each one (I was older now, and appreciated how much things cost). I had received a few videos, and there was another video shaped box hiding under a soft parcel (which was a jumper, if I remember correctly). I opened it, and it was a game called “Sonic the Hedgehog”. I felt terrible. My folks had obviously spent time looking for something I’d like (they aren’t gamers), and this was just out, so had probably been recommended. My mum could see my face, and knew that something was amiss.
“What’s wrong – have you got that one?”, she asked
“No.. its.. er.. well.. it’s great.. it’s just..”
I didn’t want to upset her and my dad, as I knew they had spent a lot of money on it.
“It’s just – I’ve got an Amstrad, and this is for a Sega Mega Drive”, I sheepishly replied.
I felt awful.
“You’d best have this, then”, my mum said, a huge smile on her face.
It was a Sega Mega Drive. I had been duped!

Even though I was 15, I was jumping around like I was 5 again. My eyes hungrily scanned the box, trying to take in all the things this could do. I hadn’t even hinted at a Mega Drive as I knew how expensive they were.
“Oh – Santa’s obviously missed these too..” my mum said.
She handed me two more parcels- by now, I was thinking this was some kind of magic chair – which turned out to be Streets of Rage, and Mega Games. Not only did I have a brand new console, I had 5 brand new games to play on it too!
I think I came out of my room twice in the two weeks we had off school that year!
Back to the Future
I’m now 38 years of age, and last year my folks bought me a Sega Saturn with 15 games! I’ve spoken to my mum about these memories many times, and in later years found out that she got excited at the prospect of me being excited by these consoles that she had no idea about.
My parents bought me all my favourite consoles over the years, and created some fantastic memories. Memories that I can share with other gamers, who have had similar experiences and can relate.
I guess the whole point of this article is that getting excited about games and consoles, especially at Christmas, never leaves you. Once bitten by the bug, it’s ever present. You can’t help yourself.
What’s Santa bringing you this year?
Merry Christmas!

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