Monday, 12 August 2013

Experience 90s gaming in a new way - NEO GEO X

For many of us the Neo Geo was untouchable at home, the closest we got to it was maybe in the arcades where we played the fast and furious array of games on a Neo Geo Arcade cabinet. Perhaps someone’s older, richer brother had a AES – but they then maybe sold it on for it was an investment as much as a video games console. 

The choice of a Neo Geo meant having a big wallet and dedication to seek out the carts if that was your thing. Many of us (GamesYouLoved included) stuck with the other 16-Bit consoles and were contented and actually very happy with the technology and gaming experience they brought to us at home. However – something niggled and chewed away at us.

If only we could afford a Neo Geo – just those words SNK Playmore brought a dream-like state over us. We even got the sales guys to demo the Neo Geo AES in the dedicated electronic stores in Tottenham Court Road in the 90s. However the money was tight so it was a Japanese (Asian) Mega Drive for us though – and that was pricey enough. Its worth noting the American launch version went for $649 back in 1990! The platform style didn’t give way to 3D graphics of the mid 90s either, and it held its own for many years with games even after the console itself ceased production in 97.

So what’s changed?

Well SNK has - and with the help of on the distribution and support side, they have brought a new wave of Neo Geo gaming to us now. This is in the form of the new Neo Geo X console. Or should we say a pocket rocket of handheld power that is the Neo Geo X – at home, at work or holiday or anywhere you want to take - it has it all. We have seen the odd video or blog about ‘its not the same as the original’ or the picture and sound doesn’t hold up and the quality isn’t good. Well – we say ‘rubbish to that’ Plus also if you have an extensive and expensive Neo Geo collection perhaps you might want to knock this product as its affecting your investment!!

And in fact not all original Neo Geo owners agree with this anyway. One of our facebook viewers Adrian Thompson owns an original AES console, dedicated cab MVS (Jamma) and a new Neo Geo X. Talking to him about why all 3 and why add the Neo Geo X to his already extensive collection - its’ all about an added dimension..something exciting, new and innovation which is what gaming is all about.

Under the hood...

The technology is all there but it's the experience we care about and we have put it to the test. At home you gotta have 2 controllers (second controller sold separately) for the multiplayer action of Metal Slug, King of Fighters, Fatal Fury and the amazingly fun and entertaining play of Super Sidekicks.

With a HDMI cable from the main console unit (via the handheld) the picture is pin sharp with 1080p upscaling and sounds as clear as anything. We even connected it to a Marshall amp for the output on Metal Slug – the thing was war-like!

Out and about with the Neo Geo X...

Away from home play this is where the Neo Geo X comes into its own. Not only can you take it (with over 5 hours gaming time of one charge) on the train, bus, coffee shop or to a family event where you need some ‘gaming me time!’

It also acts a handheld console that plays directly into the HDMI connection into a TV. This was particularly cool when we have been on a road trip to some events where an overnight stay means the usual TV channels and no much else on. Our delight was hooking this up to the 50" TV in the room and playing hardcore Neo Geo games like Samurai Showdown and Fatal Fury before a gaming event. What else could you ask for..

 Not muchn more, and the price – a fraction on the original is a must.

 To buy: Get £10 off using the code GYL10

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