Wednesday, 24 July 2013

London Animicon July 2013

GamesYouLoved covered this unique event at the Rocket Complex in London embracing anime, manga Japanese culture, and a chance to dress up (cosplay) as your favourite crime-busting cartoon, movie or gaming character while enjoying an offering of everything from live music performances, gamers quiz and competitions. 

It’s so rare that this assortment of people has an opportunity to get together on such a large scale in the UK across two days, let alone with so many diverse interests catered for at once. Lots of effort has been taken to ensure that even if you have only the small interest in anime, you’ll find something to do here. The organisers have catered to reach much more than the anime world covers, this was definitely an anime themed event, but included something for everyone! The gaming room was consistently full of spectators and gamers enjoying new and the more classic titles – in fact, there seemed to be more people watching than playing! Sound effects from video games rang around the room. Some you instantly recognised from days that have passed! The room was full from the moment it opened, if you wanted in you would have to work your way through the tables in the maze of consoles and computers.

The latest animi movies were played through the day and also players took on each others skills in an array of card games!

There was also guest appearances over the weekend and managed to grab a few words with voice actor Mike Pollock AKA Dr.Eggman and the voice off Dr.Robotnik from the Sonic the hedgehog games! He was easy going, great to chat to, and sign autographs and felt at ease in the non pressured environment unlike at a commercial event.

London Anime Con has grown massively over the last few years and will be sure to expand it further to include all elements of anime, video gaming and cosplay. But including a Gamers’ Day in the event schedule was a great way to bring everything together, and supporting a great charity like GamesAid was a popular choice.

Maybe next year will hold an even bigger arcade or gaming experience and see the event grow larger than this year! A great, fun convention with a friendly atmosphere. Helpful staff and best of all no charge for autographs!

We at recommend you check this out!

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