Friday, 21 June 2013

Games Generation - Animation Tribute - by Tomoboy Films

Gaming has evolved so much from the early beginnings of Space War!, Pong and Pac-Man to the heady arcades and consoles / microcomputers of the 80s.  

The theatre and entertainment of the medium also crosses many creative boundaries including writing, movie production, music and graphic design.

At GamesYouLoved we celebrate anything that continues to support this world where gamers of every generation can develop ideas to bring this generation of games to life.

When Tomoboy Films approached GamesYouLoved earlier this year they had a vision in LEGO they wanted to bring to life through the power of stop motion and a fantastic cinematic experience.

Over many weeks of development including changing the characters, soundtrack and overall story - Tomoboy Films crafted their video gaming video.

The result is now on YouTube for all to see here: 

We spoke to the creator to get his take on the process and experience

"I had great fun making this animation and it has been my most ambitious one yet! 

I really loved photoshopping, it took absolutely ages to do but it was nice to see some FX that wasn’t play-doh! If you want to see some of my Lego figures in this video then please check out my flickr photos (link) it helps a lot! Also I have my other Lego animations which are a bit older, on my youtube: (tomoboyfilms) link below."

For more info on Tomoboys Films check this out:

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