Saturday, 6 April 2013

Thunder, thunder, thunder, THUNDERCATS HO!!

Thunder, thunder, thunder, THUNDERCATS HO!!

When I thought about writing a blog on the Thundercats my mind began to wander back to my school days, sat in front of the TV, sketchpad on my lap, colouring pens next to me and the screen in front of me alive with talking, fighting, squabbling cats from another world…..

Lion-o, the leader and the hereditary “Lord of the ThunderCats”, Panthro, the tough guy, Tygra, the scientist, Cheetara, the eye candy of the gang (if you like that kind of thing - well the dancers in CATS weren’t bad were they?), Snarf the furry little err… thingy and WilyKit and WilyKat, the “ThunderKittens”, the group’s comedy siblings and mischief makers…..

I had to remind myself what the hell it was all about - I remembered loving it thats for sure and I remember cheerfully drawing and sketching the characters for endless hours during those mid 80’s hours, after the walk home from school but before the fish fingers and homemade chips were put on the table. What I didn’t remember was quite how bonkers it all was….. Check this out:

"As the Thundercats flee their dying home world of Thundera - Jaga, the head of the Thundercats, passes the cudgel to young Lion-O, who is entrusted with the Sword of Omens, which enables him and his comrades to possess super-powers - they wind up on Third Earth chased by an ancient evil mummy known as Mumm-Ra and his team of Mutants…. Mumm-Ra calls upon the power of four ancient spirit idols within the Black Pyramid, transforming him into a massive undead beast. Lion-o calls upon his sword to emit red lightning while chanting “Thunder...Thunder...Thunder...Thundercats, HO!”……"

It all makes The Phantom Menaces midichlorian exposition seem like perfect and total sense doesn’t it. I revisited a random episode on YouTube to see what came back to me and boy, does that theme tune rock! The logo too. Truly classic stuff. Within a few minutes I’d been reminded just how annoying Lion-O could be (he uses words like ‘varmint’ for Gods sake), how scary Mumm-Ra could be, how much I loved to hate his cohorts, seemingly comprised of the less attractive animals in the world - Toadman…. WeaselBoy…. and the ThunderCats crisps I used to demand my parents sought out in Sainsburys came back to mind, as well as the lunchbox and flask that used to accompany me to school every day until I started high school no doubt….

Isn’t it nice what a bit of nostalgia can do for your mood on a Saturday morning…. :) - Now for a search for Pole Position, Cities of Gold and Action Force!

GamesYouloved would like to thank, Damian Smith.  Our Guest Blogger for his RETRO gaming memories.

Damian Smith is a graphic designer and art director at

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