Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Pac-Man...the biggest game in history?

The history of how Pac-Man. was invented is pretty well known – even outside the gaming world – the pizza was ordered the slice taken out and the rest is gaming history.

An ICON, an art form, a media man’s dream – Pacman beyond the games themselves has taken on many guises.

Everything and anything was Pac-Man. from it’s conception in 1980 to the World we live into today.

Seriously though if you want to start a ‘collection’ this could probably get you pretty crazy close to even ‘star wars’ - they have produced EVERTHING with the little yellow fellow on (and the ghosts!) from napkins, stationery, outfits and dog jackets to  hats, drinks, cereals and furniture.

Here's a few shots of our very own Pac-Man arcade machine...the 25th Anniversary EDITION with Ms Pac-Man and Galaga.

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